TROUBLEMAKER ~ by Leah Remini

| January 27, 2017

Much of what Ms. Remini writes about the inner working of Scientology was not news to me. This past year I’ve done a lot of research on the ‘church’. But it was fascinating to read her take on it, and what her life was like from a personal standpoint.

I enjoyed reading this book. I applaud Leah Remini and other former members of Scientology for speaking out.


THE PROBLEM WITH FOREVER ~ by Jennifer L. Armentrout

| January 27, 2017

This was my first read of Ms. Armentrout, although she is a bestselling author and I’ve seen her books many times.

I was not disappointed.

I devoured this book, mostly because I truly felt as though I was on a journey with these characters. Feeling what they felt, wanting to know what they were wanting to know. And when that happens for a reader, it is magical.

Great read.

GIRL IN PIECES ~ by Kathleen Glasgow

| January 27, 2017

Ms. Glasgow’s debut novel, and it is deep, moving and extremely well-written. If there is any flaw at all, it’s the ambiguity of the cover synapse, which does not make it clear this book is about a young girl dealing with self-harming issues.

I do wish that had been clear, as I feel a young adult with those tendencies could easily be triggered by this book.

The descriptions and emotional impact of self-harming are not the beat around the bush variety. You will have a deeper understanding of what it is to suffer from this. You will have empathy for these characters. I miss them already and wish them the best.


IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU ~ by Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris

| January 27, 2017

The sad and twisted tale of Susan Powell, her disappearance off the face of the earth and the subsequent murder of her two children. A very awful look into the thorny family ties that create generation of sickness and their outcome.

I’m left feeling bereft for Susan Powell’s family and wishing her remains would be found so they could have at least that little bit of closure.

METHLAND ~ by Nick Reding

| January 27, 2017

I’d been wanting to read this book since I’ve been a meth research phase while working on my current manuscript.

This book was very eye opening and educational. Not so much about the drug itself, but how and why it has gained such a foothold and how and why the rural communities are so hard hit. I have to say I came out of this read much wiser… and a little less optimistic about the meth problem ever going away.

Good read.


| January 27, 2017

This was a fun read, sometimes serious, sometimes funny. Well written with relatable characters.

The ending was a bit unbelievable for me. There was quite a big build-up of the who dunnit/what happened variety and it just didn’t deliver in the end.

I would not hesitate to try another book by the author, though.


| June 18, 2016

A very enlightening read about the ins and outs of the FLDS and fundamental Mormonism.

I found the information  here alarming, frustrating and sickening. Just as any good documentary on this subject should be.

Well done.

THE VELVETEEN RABBIT ~ by Margery Williams

| June 18, 2016

I hadn’t read this book since I was a kid.

I still love this book. Oh, so much I love this book.

NEVER NEVER PART 3 ~ by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

| June 18, 2016

Happy endings are sweet.

This one made me feel cheated.

Turns out the mystery was really no mystery, the solution a little too pat.

At least it was a short, fast read.

WHAT REMAINS ~ by Carole Radziwill

| June 18, 2016

I watch the Real Housewives of New York. I admit the Real Housewives franchise is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Curiosity got the better of me. Who is this Carole Radziwill? Is she really a writer or is that just fodder factoid for the show.

Turns out, she once had a pretty good reporter gig. Turns out she writes quite well.

Unfortunately, the subject matter of What Remains (ie.- the life and times of Carole) doesn’t really matter much to me. The connection to the Kennedy clan is nominally interesting, for a while. Her marriage to a prince and their journey through his cancer diagnosis and death is interesting, for a while. But I found boredom creeping in.

So, I went in search of something better to read instead of finishing this book.