Dissing On The King

Posted By on July 22, 2014

Tonight I spent hours researching writing dialogue and doing legwork for a presentation I'll be giving. Somewhere along the process, I opened On Writing by Stephen King and began skimming through the pages for the hundredth time. I laughed and made a comment about how SK barely remembers writing Cujo, since that was during his high drinking days (this info rather came as a relief to me because I was so mad at the end of that book I threw it across the room).

So, I comment on this information. My co-worker, it turns out, has some very intense ideas about SK. After a strange snort, she relays her opinion that The Stand was the worst book ever written. That SK wrote about nothing he knew anything about, that he didn't understand the moral, biological or technical ramifications of anything in that book.

Now, I like The Stand. I read the edited and unedited version and that is no short feat. And then there's the fact that SK is my hero. I told her as much.

She didn't seem to hear me. Because the old lady in The Stand? Total throw away character, she had nothing to do with anything. In fact, all the characters were throw away. She challenges me to name any of the characters in the book other than the one that was obsessed with anal sex (I don't recall that tidbit and I find it a little strange that she does). The problem for her, is that I can name a lot of the characters.

But she doesn't hear that either. I reiterate that I adore SK's work.

Deafness has taken over. Let's talk about Pet Semetary

Oh God, let's not. Please, let's not. Because that is one of my very favorites and I think I might lose my shit if we have to 'talk' about that.

But she's going to. All the gore, the ridiculousness of the plot.

Again, I like, and will always like, Stephen King.

To which she smiles and comments that I'm a lover of gore and blood and guts and foul stuff. Then she lets me know that literary fiction died died with Tom Wolfe.

Not five minutes later, I come across this Tom Wolfe quote (from Bonfire of the Vanities) in On Writing;

"Egggh, whaddaya? Whaddaya want from me?"

"Here come Hymie!"

"Chew my willie, Yo' Honor."

"Yeggghhh, fuck you, too, man!"

But I like the foul stuff. Hahaha.

Goes to show how books are so wonderfully subjective and that's the way it should be.

Just stop dissing on my Man.


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