THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU ~ by Jonathan Tropper

Posted By on September 14, 2014

I picked this book up somewhere. I can’t remember where, it was months ago, but probably the library book sale. It sat on my To Be Read pile, forgotten.

Then I was zoning out on the TV and saw a movie trailer in which the plot sounded familiar. As usual, when this happens I wondered if it was adapted from a book I read. Turns out, not quite. Adapted from a book I hadn’t read yet.

So, This Is Where I Leave You jumped its spot on the read list.

Jonathan Tropper is witty. He is insightful. His writing is sarcastically funny. I found all the characters in this book (and there are many, we’re talking family here) to be very crisply drawn, each having their own quirks and dilemmas that fed the whole. The premise is great.

This book would be a five star book for me…except…I got really tired of all the horny sex stuff. When sex wasn’t going on, it was being talked about. The narrator of the story is in his thirties and his hormones were something more of what I’d expect in a fifteen year old. Then again, I’m not a guy. So, maybe it’s an honest reflection into the mind of a grown, adult male. I just found it a turn off. The book didn’t need it, it got old. And I found my sympathy waning for this guy who found his wife in bed with his boss when he spent the rest of the book wanting to “fuck” everything that moved. In fact, everyone was sleeping with everyone. Half the smut would have worked just fine and been way more enjoyable.

This Is Where I Leave You was a good read overall. I enjoyed it enough that I have no desire to see the movie, lest the theatrical version isn’t up to par.


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