GONE GIRL ~ by Gillian Flynn

Posted By on October 2, 2014

This little, mostly unknown book (hahaha) does several things very well.

~ It keeps you on your toes. I found myself despising Nick Dunne. What a clueless, self-centered ass. I felt really bad for his wife. She was trying so hard and he was just an ass.

~ Then I find out, that’s really not the case at all. That it’s not Nick that seriously has a screw loose (or really, that none of the screws were ever tightened to begin with).

~ I could even overlook the fact that a little more than halfway through I found I’d been played as a reader, that my narrator was not only untrustworthy but hitting the wackadoodle juice big time. Because the writing is just that good. After my fifteen seconds of “What the…” and “Everything I thought was true is a lie…”, I got over it and thought, Clever little minx.

Here’s what it doesn’t do well;

~ Give me anybody to really like. While Nick turns out to be not quite the ass I thought he was, he doesn’t do much to redeem himself either. His father has the audacity to wander in and out of the story in his Alzheimer state giving me hope there’s a reason he’s around and then just…dies. Goodbye Dad. Go, Nick’s twin sister has a great start. She’s strong, she’s witty. She has a chip on her shoulder and nothing to prove to anyone. She’s going to be fun. Except she’s not. The author has her kind of crumble under pressure and then puts her on a figurative boat so far away from the action that I forgot she was there.

~ I really hated it the ending. Really didn’t like it. Usually when this happens, I mull it over for a while and come to realize the ending was just the way it should be. Not here. It almost makes me want to see the movie because I can’t imagine Hollywood ending a movie in this manner.

So did Gone Girl live up to they hype? Yeah, actually, it did (and it kind of hurts me to say that). It’s hype-worthy. The writing was strong. The plot was twisted. I enjoyed the read. I mean, just look at this post, this is the longest book review I’ve ever done. I’m not in love, it didn’t wreck me emotionally, but there is something about twistedness that speaks to me.


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