HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE ~ by Emma Chapman

Posted By on February 2, 2015

In spite of 4 pages of blurbs telling me differently, I did not find this book chilling, suspenseful, compelling, complex or extraordinary.

The premise is good. The plot okay. Something is seriously lost in the telling. Flashbacks are tricky for even the best writers, and flashbacks encompass at least half this book. Problem is, they come in the middle of paragraphs and with little to no warning. As a reader, I was constantly having to reread paragraphs at a time to figure out where and when and what was going on. Add to that a little girl that is there, nope, not there, is suddenly the narrator, nope, not the narrator, and I found myself trying to play catch up. A lot. Very distracting.

I wanted to smack the main character near the end of the book, because if she’d just opened her mouth and said exactly what was going on instead of being vague, things would have worked out a lot better for her. Even when her son begs her to just tell him what’s going on, she hems and haws and goes mush mouthed. I couldn’t figure out why that might be the case. Problematic.



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