Leaving Stage IV

| March 29, 2012


Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be.

When Tianne Cantamessa is diagnosed with a lethal form of malignant brain tumor she opts out of treatment, choosing instead to accept what fate has thrown her. But her two daughters and family don’t see things quite the way she does. And her ex-husband will do anything in his power to not have to be a father, even if it means suing Tianne to force cancer treatment.

Tianne now has to deal with the stages of grief while trying to make those she loves understand her decision to die. And because life is never a tidy thing, she must come to terms with a new love that is not meant to be, an ex-husband who is hiding behind his fears and his pregnant new wife that shows up at Tianne’s house for an extended visit.

Leaving Stage IV is a mainstream women’s novel of approximately 95,000 words that incorporates a lighter view of how we regard life, death and family.

Ruby Grant’s Baby

| March 29, 2012


Drew Grant has skeletons in his closet he doesn’t know about until his day to day life is interrupted by a recurring dream that sends him in search of the ex-wife he doesn’t know is deceased and brings him to a daughter he never knew existed. As he searches his personal closet for answers, Drew realizes that though he is a successful businessman he has spent most of his adult years asleep at the wheel. Now he must untangle himself from a duplicitous sister-in-law, roll back time and find his daughter before it’s too late.

Brooke Lawson has learned to step carefully around her adoptive mother, to be quiet and obedient. But her mother’s temper and belief in Brooke’s inherent evil is getting out of hand and a surprise visit from a long lost biological aunt only serves to make things worse. Brooke knows she has to start talking and put belief in something before the unthinkable happens.

Barreling down broken roads, Drew and Brooke learn that trusting in the unknown is sometimes the only way to knowledge, and the path that will bring them to each other.

Ruby Grant's Baby is a mainstream women's  novel of approximately 120,000 words.